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Tom O’Connell

Tom O'ConnellBroker/Secretary – Trade Credit Insurance Agency (TCIA)

Phone: (615) 372-0149
Email:  [email protected]

Tom began his trade credit insurance career in 1995 with Private Business Inc (PBI).  He built and ran the brokerage division that marketed credit insurance as an enhancement to the company’s lending program.  While at PBI Tom was instrumental in the development of a fraud endorsement program to protect banks from borrower fraudulent activities.  In 2000 Tom joined Euler Hermes where he marketed trade credit insurance throughout a five-state region.  While at Euler Hermes Tom was promoted to Vice President and created trade credit insurance products for the banking industry.  In 2007 Tom was recruited by Comerica Bank to build and run a trade credit insurance division to support the bank’s lending activities.  In 2014 Comerica Bank sold the division to Tom and contracted for his services to support the bank and their clients with trade credit insurance.  Tom and Ed combined their businesses in 2014 to expand TCIA’s footprint throughout the US and Canada.

Tom is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science degrees in Business Administration and Marketing.

With over 23 years of experience working with banks and businesses, Tom is able to assist with the best solution to support a client’s credit risk and financial needs through the proper structure and utilization of trade credit insurance services.