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About Trade Credit Insurance

About Us

Trade Credit Insurance Agency, LLC is a credit insurance broker made up of experts with many years of experience working with companies like yours and helping them address their credit risk and financial needs.

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  • Trade Credit Insurance Agency, LLC specializes in credit insurance alone, and does not offer other insurance products.      
  • We provide credit insurance nationally and protect US companies against non-payment risk globally.
  • Trade Credit Insurance Agency, LLC represents our clients best interest to multiple credit insurance carriers and helps to negotiate the best rates and policy structure.
  • Trade Credit Insurance Agency, LLC excels at working with lenders to help our customers get the most out of their credit insurance policy as it relates to financing.    
  • Trade Credit Insurance Agency, LLC prides itself on its expertise in working to insure exporters.  From its president who has a Ph.D. focused on trade finance, along with his experienced team of brokers, to its customer service department dedicated to helping customers with their export credit needs, no other broker will work harder to assist you with your international credit insurance needs.