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Get A Quote Trade Credit Insurance protects companies against bad debt.

Credit insurance protects your company when one of your customers goes bankrupt
or is unable or unwilling to pay.

Benefits of Credit Insurance

Export Sales

Export Sales

Provides protection on export sales where your knowledge of the customer base may not be as strong and your legal options in the event of non-payment may be limited.



Most banks will not lend against uninsured foreign receivables. Credit insurance allows banks to lend against foreign receivables as if they were domestic.



Many companies and banks are concerned when more than 25% of their business is with one customer. Credit insurance can help address that concern by protecting a company from a catastrophic loss.

About Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance Agency, LLC is a credit insurance broker made up of experts with over 140 years of experience working with companies like yours and helping them address their credit risk and financial needs.

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